i'm on my way to believing..

Hi! My name is Roanne.
I enjoy life and live it the way I feel.
Have faith and rise above hate. :)

Ask me. I'll be glad to answer your questions. :)

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Please stay with me.

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Social whatevers.

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When someone comments on my photo and I don’t know how to reply.

I really do not know how to reply to people who have commented on my photos or posts. I don’t know if it’s also even possible. No idea. OMG. Dumb mode.


By Ripples.

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It’s okay to be different. 😊

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Filipina and proud.

Filipina and proud.

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It’s always better when we’re together. 😊

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I do what I want

You do not control me!

Viva La Resistance!!!!!

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May my smile forever be in your memory. 😊

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Dear Mr.

Sometimes I wonder what happened to you. Having the thought of you leaving me without saying goodbye because you got tired of talking with me Β is much easier to bear than the fact that the world might have lost you too. I miss you from time to time. Your maturity, your laugh, everything. Yet what lingers most is that one question that may be forever left unanswered: Why?

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To the times when I think about how easy it was for you to give me up.

ah huh

ah huh

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But first, let me take a.. *insert word*

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